SmartSeries Training

Our training and implementation team provides a complete training program for each client installation. New installations will receive a comprehensive training and support package that includes two application training sessions and support for your offices "live" day.

For those existing offices with new staff or for individuals wishing to learn more about SmartSeries, additional training sessions are available. Please call to inquire.

Regent Healthcare Systems Inc. also provides special programs for educational institutions wishing to utilize SmartSeries within their Medical Office Assistant programs.

Please see Pre-Training Requirements before you take our training session.

*NOTE you will need to bring one rejection, one remittance, and one A/R report from SmartSeries to this session. 

Pre-Training Requirements

Windows Pre-Training

If you are a less experienced user, prepare for the base Training Session by completing the Windows tutorial found under Help. Go through the mouse and Windows Basics lesson at least three times before your first training session. Please ensure you are familiar with the following operations:

Minimize, maximize, restore, exit the program (control-menu box), size and move windows, click and double-click mouse action (playing Solitaire helps).

Use the Help feature and read the manual’s introduction section.

Introductory courses to Windows are also available at your local community college or school board.  As a minimum requirement, we recommend obtaining a Windows user guide.

Ensure that you are trained on your backup system by your computer hardware professional, or you have read the manual and understand how to perform backup procedures.  Complete at least one backup of your computer without aid, before scheduling Training Session One.  The backing up of the computer and data is the responsibility of your office. Please direct any questions regarding its use or maintenance to your hardware professional.

MSP Billing Pre-training

Each office should be familiar with MSP billing requirements, including knowledge of:
  • Your office’s payee/practitioner numbers
  • Practitioner fee (item) codes/ diagnostic (ICD9) codes
  • MSP Teleplan Data Center Number/ User ID/ default password/ Cut off dates

Call the Teleplan Help Line, 1-800-663-7206.  Teleplan usually identifies your office by your Data Center Number. Register your Teleplan Data Center Number at the time of your SmartSeries purchase.  This allows MSP time to prepare to receive your office’s claims.  Your Teleplan Data Center Number must be connected to MSP prior to Training Session Two.

You may wish to check with local community colleges for classes on Medical Office Management, especially MSP billing.  If you would like to cover some of the above points during software training, extra time is available for a fee and requires pre-booking.

1 Base SmartSeries Training
  • How to run Smart Index, and why.
  • Basic Windows Fundamentals such as:
  • How to make your Windows active,
  • How to close your Windows down,
  • How to Maximize, and Restore your Windows,
  • How to Resize your Windows.
  • Saving your new workspace.
  • The 4 most used ICONS in SmartSeries.
  • How to find windows you have lost.
  • Registering New Patients.
  • Assigning Insurance.
  • Selecting a patient by:
  • Name,
  • File or Chart Number,
  • Personal Health Number (PHN),
  • Within the Patient List.
  • Practice time for Invoicing insurers such as:
    • Medical Services Plan (MSP),
    • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia(ICBC),
    • Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB),
    • Private insurers
  • How to delete Invoice Lines, before they have been POSTED.
  • Balancing your workday, with end of day reports.
  • Posting your transactions, and printing them.
  • Transmitting data to MSP.
  • Picking-up rejections, and remittances.
  • Printing A/R reports

Advanced SmartSeries Training

  • Importance of Smart Index.
  • How to re-bill rejections.
  • How to reconcile invoices manually with the ADD TX Icon.
  • How to invoice a lawyer on behalf of the patient.
  • How to create notes, which appear on your statements and invoices, or to create an electronic note that will transmit to MSP.
  • How to FLAG a patient.
  • How to use and print recalls.
  • How to run query reports (SQL’s).
  • The TOOL BAR (icons).
  • Shortcuts to SmartSeries.
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly Reports.
  • How to add item codes (fees codes) to the database.
  • The Appointment Book.
  • Questions, problems, trouble shooting.

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