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Guide to updating fees (SmartSeries v4)
Import the latest fee schedule from Teleplan

Mail Merge overview (SmartSeries v4)
How to create a mail merge template using MS Word and SmartSeries

Smart Store overview (SmartSeries v4)
How to setup retail items for billing in SmartSeries Professional

Label setup
How to set labels to print to a label printer

SmartSeries Year End Guide (for version 4)
SmartSeries Year End Guide (for version 3)

Year end reports overview
Instructions (.PDF)

How To Transfer SmartSeries v3 to a New Computer
Web Transmission Install Instructions
Web Transmission How To (user guide)
How To Setup a SPAN-Dial connectionl

SmartSeries Professional Information

Inservice details
Overview of major differences between SmartSeries v3 and SmartSeries v4 (.PDF)

Scheduler inservice

Overview of how to use the scheduler in SmartSeries v4 (.PDF)

1 Training

Our training and implementation team provides a complete training program for each client installation. New installations will receive a comprehensive training and support package that includes two application training sessions and support for your offices "live" day.

For those existing offices with new staff or for individuals wishing to learn more about SmartSeries, additional training sessions are available. Please call to inquire.

Regent Healthcare Systems Inc. also provides special programs for educational institutions wishing to utilize SmartSeries within their Medical Office Assistant programs. More...


Educational Centres


This page contains links to websites that we think may be helpful to our clients (MSP, WCB, etc.)


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