Extract patient and practice statistics
produce report on specific treatments, procedures, demographic and finacial information with Smart Custom Reporting

Maintain patient health histories
Today, scan your letters, lab reports, Pharmanet profiles and forms, and link them to your patient records. In the coming months, much of this information will download directly from your Medinet mailbox and be imported automatically to your patient records.

Manage your time up to the minute
See a day, a week, or a whole month at a glance with Smart Schedular. View multiple practitioners and exam rooms on one screen.

Recall patients
Track patients who need follow-ups with Smart Recall.


See more patients
It is easier to see appointment openings and next available appointments with Smart Schedular. When you have a cancellation, book patients instantly from Smart Waiting List.

Miss fewer bills
Bill straight from Smart Schedular. The system flags billed appointments, so it is easy to see what is outstanding.

Have fewer rejections
The entire invoicing record is displayed on one screen. Detect errors quickly and correct them before you submit to MSP.

Keep track of your bottom line
When you choose Smart Professional, you receive the most complete. useful finacial accounting system for practitioners in BC.



Smart Professional includes:
  • MSP, RCP, WCB, private and 3rd party billing
  • Private invoicing to a contact
  • Full ledger transaction tracking
  • Visit count tracking
  • On screen revenue total and outstanding balances per patient
  • Credit accounts management
  • Claim adjustments with explanation (e.g., write-off)
  • Payment status with explanation (e.g., cash, VISA, MC, etc.)
  • PHN number verification
  • Fee and Diagnostic code validation as well as special tags (e.g., hospital, time ,etc)
  • Automatic Teleplan connection via SmartSeries
  • Teleplan Web Transmission
  • Patient registration with optional special fields (e.g.,3 extra phone#, Occupation, Employer, personal notes, etc.)
  • Cover sheets, registration sheets, information sheets, and labels design
  • Moveable & sizeable windows and record fields
  • Late for work doctor visit notes
  • Multiple contact list
  • Multiple and recurring recall list
  • Multiple chart notes and memos
  • Type or Store referral letters for specific patients
  • Prescriptions log
  • WCB eForms
  • Reminder notes; to-do list
  • Tool bar for quick access
  • WindowsTM standard cut, copy, paste
  • Unposted claims (billed)
  • Posted claims (ready to send)
  • Invoice & Statement
  • Charges & Credits (Revenue)
  • Payments & Refunds
  • Write-offs
  • Rejections
  • Submissions
  • Deposit
  • A/R aged and/or back-dated
  • Inventory: stock and reorder
  • Remittance
  • Day-end/ Month-end/ Year-end

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