SmartSeries Professional Version Information
Smart4.exe (v4.1.7c HF3)
Billing Added option to not automatically fill in the cash amount if not 100% covered by credit acct
Added validation, if missing ins code it puts it back in automatically
Now able to edit insurance in edit tx window on retail billings
Scheduler Fixed error when you have unregistered patient in daysheet and hit F5 from weekly view
Fixed bug when clicking 'next' in other than daily view it would flip to end of daysheet and give 'extend daysheet' message
Added check to not allow to delete old appts from a future date
Fixed bug where $ status would not show when you had a description after the insurer label
multi-view headers should align left, not centre
Reports Added filter to sort by name on invoice report
Fixed bug when exporting AR to Excel sometimes the WCB ELEC amounts were rounding up
Misc. Fixed access denied error when another user already had check elig open
In Office Tools made it so any file type can be launched by default program based on file extention
Added option to be able to make products inactive/hidden in product list
Fixed bug in unposted transaction view, would get an error when double-clicking to edit a transaction
Toolbox.exe (v4.1.7c HF3)
Toolbox Fixed v4 to v4 daysheet update
Fixed check data integrity bug where it was deleting unregistered patients in waitlist
New and Updated Files (v4.1.7c HF3)
and forms
lbl_all*.*, r1_default.*, 83w5.*, 268.*, invoice1.*, stmt21.*

Smart4.exe (v4.1.7c)
Billing Added date to feevalid table so it can handle the age changes on the new fee codes. Also added more types of validation: note, referral, location.
Changed the itemcode validation so that it checks the expired codes if the non-expired ones are not effective for the date of service.
Disabled bug that would let you bill on an inactive patient using 'add'
Fixed problem in retail billing where sometimes current patient balances were not updating automatically.

Fixed bug where entering an invalid letter in the itemcode field before hitting F3 would cause it to get stuck in a loop. Also made it so that hitting cancel on the itemcode window will close the list and clear the itemcode field.

When on a paid and posted private billing and rebilling to another non-electronic insurer, user is now prompted to transfer payment to new insurer or refund it.
Added validation to cash amount on credit/cash dialog to disable overpayment.
Added billing rules and fee validation to tables feevalid.dbf and feerules.dbf so they are no longer hard-coded and can be edited/updated.
Billing rules are only checked if the insurer label starts with MSP and transmit charges is true.
Fixed bug where sometimes the program did not take the transmit flag out of the debit line once it has been transmitted and kept retransmitting.
When rebilling a paid invoice with a modified discount amount it was not prompting to refund the over-payment. 
Locked down payment method on posted transactions.
Scheduler Added option to print current appt to label on right-click menu
Fixed bug when deleting appointments outside the time range set in Resource Maintenance it would sometimes delete the timeslot as well.
When VC had white text it was not changing text in status column to white.
Reports Fixed bug on patient list report by insurance, where the active/inactive option was not working.
In posted and unposted report made it so phn would display for non msp claims.
Changed it so S00 records don't print on regular remittance report
Now S25 records go into separate text file instead of recvlog table and added 'broadcast' button to tables/receives and transmit window.
Added caption to print preview window that shows report form and total pages
Misc. Clicking calendar icon will toggle between single and 3 month calender.
Fixed update last visit date on conversion when data folder is not c:\ssv40\tables
Added user access to the fee valid conditions to add or edit for selected itemcode.
Toolbox.exe (v4.1.7c)
Toolbox Can now download and update ASCII files from toolbox
In fee update changed it so that when importing it leaves 1 old version of each fee and the rest is marked as expired
New and Updated Files (v4.1.7c)
Tables feevalid.dbf, feerules.dbf, toolslog.dbf, reports.dbf
Reports rej00.*, rej01.*, all_srv0a.*, invoice1.*, invoice.*, stmt21.*, stmt2.*, wcbelphy_print.*, or_booking.*, wcbelphn_print.*, wcbelchi_print.*, ref_let2.* (in forms/chrtnote), recvlog_s25.*, cur_appt.lbx,lbt, ar_aged3.*, toolslog.*, tx_sum*.*

Smart4.exe (v4.1.7b)
Billing When billing 14094 from daysheet even though you have no billing at all it would tell you that you have already billed. Added validation to 14094 for female patients only.
When billing using the + key instead of the 'bill' button it would reset the location code.
Changed it so that e-form cannot be opened without billing it first.
Scheduler Disabled update from future date forward when min/slot or slots/time have been changed.
Misc. Changed check eligibility to run the report from SmartSeries and added check elig buttons to current patient and daysheet windows.
Fixed refresh bug where patient age shows 1m after closing out of some windows.
Make file does not inlcude diag2 and diag3 unless the clinic type is set to c for phc site
Fixed cases where it was deleting teleplan pwd from smartinf.cfg
Fixed current patient visit count when doing an 'add' (F6) to a different insurance.
Toolbox.exe (v4.1.7b)
Toolbox Changed sort in reprocess SCH lines.
New and Updated Files (v4.1.7b)
Tables checkelig.dbf, feevalid.dbf
Reports checkelig.*, 83d5.*, 83d5.jpg
Other checkelig.exe, webxmit.exe

Smart4.exe (v4.1.7a)
Billing Fixed bug when billing from an old billing with location code O and the new billing flips to O after hitting 'bill'.
Enabled transmit check box on edit tx for credit memo.
When receiving payment it no longer looks for insurer in credit account when using credit.
Now can choose store item by desc (dropdown).
When billing retail it now checks if there are any products in product table before opening billing window.
For retail billing it was using a different function to calculate tax, sometimes off by 1 cent.
Reports On remittance report, changed condition for adjustments from >0 to <>0 so it picks up debit adjustments (e.g. wcb lift).
Fixed tax calculation on invoice report.
Scheduler Fixed bug where update daysheet was losing appended timeslots.
When right-click to 'details' on booked appt, added validation so appt name cannot be erased.
It was appending another line when clicking on Min column on 'end of day' line.
Added check elig button to scheduler and added option to select all appts for the date. Also changed it so that it checks phn regardless of insurance.
Misc. When going to patient with invalid dob year (eg 0193) it would get and stuck freeze. Changed it so if greater than 200 yrs, it returns !!! As the age in current patient.
When a patient is inactive it was not showing as inactive in the current patient window.
Changed it so that you do not need supervior rights to edit a label form.
If default data location does not exist, it now asks to select a data location.
If smart.chm doesn't exist, now gives a warning message instead of error.
On view menu checkmarks are shifted up one because the EMIS view item was added.
Fixed error when merging patints with appts.
Merge patient was not checking non-bin resource daysheets.
Fixed verification check when processing remittance.
Fixed condition for comparing send date with log date on transmit
Toolbox.exe (v4.1.7a)
Toolbox Removed age restrictions on reset insurance coutners.
On index, adds priref.dbf to smart.dbc
Check data integrity was marking all records in chart notes, contacts, waitlist, recall and other misc tables. for delete. Also made it index patient, serv, transact, insclaim at the end.

Smart4.exe (v4.1.7)
Billing Billing to resource change so that the non-account resources are accessible to bill and also on the reports they show the bin name rather than bin number.
When using the + key to bill and you have a wrong item code, after clicking ok on the message it would clear the itemcode and puts a + there.
When billing an itemcode that had a stored location and doing f5 for an additional billing with same code it flips the location code after hitting bill. This also happened if billed from any billing with a non-default location code.
Warning messages for transmittable insurances if the diagnostic code is empty and fee valid checks for wcb and icbc electronic insurances the same as MSP.
Warning message for blank service date
When billing and the amount is 0, taxcode is removed
Added warning message if trying to do debit request for a negative amount
For e-form billing, added warning message that adding an electronic note will overwrite the e-form
When deleting an unposted eform billing it now also deletes the record out of the efrom.dbf and eformp.dbf tables
After hours indicator is now checked against the after hours indicator set in the account. If they don't match, a warning pops up.
MVA flag is now carried over hen you hit add (F6) on an invoice.
When doing an 'add' billing it now copies over the ref doctor from the first billing.
Added more item code validation conditions based on age, sex, type of billng and number of billings.
When doing an add billing it was not copying over the referring doc from the first billing
Retail When rebilling a store invoice to another insurance it would cause an error.
When using insurance other than 'private' it was not always refreshing private balance properly.
Now looks for credit balance to apply when billing the same way as it does for regular billing.
Fixed problems with updating balances when adding/deleting transactions and for take payment.
Fixed quantity adjustment when rebilling with changes.
Reports Changed the way inactive accounts are displayed on reports.
Chart note report added option to sort by group.
Added Fraser Health surgical booking forms and WCB Surgical Facility Invoice.
Fixed problem with A/R report when choosing electronic only sometimes getting non-electronic claims in results as well.
CDM - Added a report that gives all patients who were seen in a user defined date range and user defined account for a combination of certain diag codes.

Fixed problem on the referral report when running by service date, sorted by number of referrals and by itemcode it was not sorting properly.

The rejection report now always defaults to all insurers.
On the referral report included option to exclude patient detail and fixed problem with totals when running by reg date.
Changed reports to show if the resource is an account or a resource (e.g. staff, etc)
Scheduler Bill All changed inactive patient warning message.
Added warning message when resource setup appt length is different from the daysheet appt length.
Added option on Extend Daysheet to extend to a specific date.
Added option to add a day in the scheduler.
Added feature to 'end of day' marker that shows number of appts for the day.
when registering patient from daysheet the account now defaults to the daysheet account.
Extra Billing- fixed itemcode and diagcode validation.
When setting up a new SmartSeries user it now copies the view order for the daysheets from the SUP user.
Changed Weekly view to get timeslots from daysheet instead of resource.
Fixed bug where user clicks on an empty time slot in non-daily view, then clicks on daily view and it would sometimes book patient from beginning of that day in that slot.
For primary care, PHC is added at the beginning of the note field on appointments.
A backup copy of daysheet is made before running overwrite daysheet.
Fixed formatting on phone# field in detail booking window.
Fixed 'bad date error' when clicking on date outside of daysheet date range in multi view.
Misc. In the edit/new insurer screen if entering city that is not in city table, window pops up to let you add it.
Changed validation on adding allergies so that reaction field can be blank.
Changed the account drop-down list to display in name order.
Added validation so it will not allow to check eligibility for future dates.
Added a check eligibilty button to current patient window and right-click menu.
Added ability to search for claim number by doing a patient search with a "~" in front of the claim#.
Added button to open queries folder from custom query window. 
Changed dicate window to display files in a table.
Added warning when adding an electronic note on an e-form billing.
When EMR type is "P", it now outputs family doctor instead of referring doctor in PD1 segment.
Added 'Add' button to Item Codes table.
Added lastvisitdate(ptrecid) function.
Added get_primeins(ptrecid) function.
Added Instant Message feature to send messages/alerts to all users logged into SmartSeries, or to send a forced shutdown of SmartSeries.
Increased array size for ic_list, was causing error on coversheet when more than 10 insurances.
Fixed data type mismatch error in some cases when wrong keycode.
Added print and view buttons to the inbox list.
Added functionality in office tools to open attached excel files
Added 'Gift Certificate' to payment method list.
Made recalculate balances consistant between toolbox and SmartSeries.
Changed the recall alarm to report alarm and now has 2 choices 1) recall 2) CDM reports. And for each daily weekly and monthly options.
Alert message comes up when you log in and there is a task in the to do list.
Added tweb links to BC phsio (@ and canadian physio (
Toolbox.exe (v4.1.7)
Toolbox In Purge, if the date is invalid show a message in the middle of the screen 
When importing PHC MSVA it now updates the PHC history table as well.
Added a tool in toolbox to renumber the global and recurring appointments.
Added the ability to reprint and reprocess the PHC registration report.
Added utility to fix layouts table if it gets corrupted.
Added more tables to check in Check Data Integrity.
New and Updated Files (v4.1.7)
Tables pat_pic.*, pat_dictate.*, alert.* , labfile.*, labresults.*, errcodes.*, fees.*, Icd9.dbf, users.dbf, clinic.dbf, fees.dbf, layouts.dbf
Reports vcodes.*, vcodes2.*, rptpatvac1.*, rptpatvac2.*, rptpatvac3.*,rptphc*.frx, topref2b.*, topref1.*,rptcdm.*, or_booking.*, or_pre-op.*, or_question.*, 83d5.*, orbookingform1.jpg, orbookingform2.jpg, orbookingform3.jpg, orbookingform4.jpg
Other smart.chm, scannerManager.ocx, tiff2pdf.dll

Smart4.exe (v4.1.6a)
Billing In 'Bill All' changed the tab order to go from the date to the doc and then to the billing info grid 
In 'Bill All' on incomplete records once the users fills it out so that it changes the color from blue/purple to white it now automatically checks the bill checkmark.
Sometimes when doing Alt+I and then F5 it was bringing up incorrect billing info.
Fixed shortcut commands for the date field in the invoice window.
Fixed problem with itemcode field validation.
Scheduler Changed the result of the find appt window and fixed the report.
Added 'Current Patient Only' checkmark to find appointment options.
Fixed problem on update daysheet where sometimes it would print global appts that didn't need to be rebooked.
add report to run by visit code including global code and allow option to choose date, daysheet and visitcode one or multiple 8/16/2006 looks pretty good only thing in the report options for the codes list group by type as in visit code and global code but alphabetize the list so that all the global codes are list together in alpha order and then all visit codes are listed together in alpha order 8/23/2006 it seems to give me a list of all status codes or something  also in the options window change the select all to select all visit codes or global codes as we discussed and also when you click on the calendar for the date and happen to click on the calendar window outside of the date buttons it closes the window and puts a blank date.
when booking a global, also check recurring, in case of multiple slots, and the user chooses to append and all timeslots it does not append and books the multiple time slots as continued and also overwrites the next time slots without warning. It should append the time slots if some are booked and also I am assuming since it is booking as continued it continues to the next time instead of staying at the same time. for example if there is an appt booked at 9 and there are two time slots so the next 9 timeslot is open and you book the global it books the global in the second time slot and also in the first 9:15 timeslot as continued overwriting what is in the 9:15 without warning.
make the time auto fill zeros to the left in all the time fields in the global appts, recurring appts, daysheet setup and anywhere else there is time setting please note all the place other than the ones mentioned so I can test them 
multi-view is still getting times from resouce, should get it from daysheet files.
Misc. clear all layouts for invoice list when you go back into the prgm the invoice list is not set to the default (current patient matches patient in invoice list)  it is set to the invoice view ( multiple patients)
why do I get date warning as attached even when the date is blank. I simply tabbed through the deceased date and it is giving me this message should not try to validate the date unless something is entered also does that on other date fields.
check all the date fields they try to validate an empty date should not only should try to validate if the date is not empty
changed expired date to Expiry Date
add the export for emis
fix the sort in patient list where if sorted by fileno it goes from 1,11,12,13 …19.2,20,21…. It should be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12…..
in the update install add procedure to so that it updates the priref from 3 digit to 4
Change open table from dataenvironment to form load and force default table location
also change it so that if the emr is medaccess to ignore the check to find existing service and such where if it does not find it  takes the transmit flag out and so on
Add a report to print for immunizations with date range options and select the immunizations 7/31/2006 output should have patient name, phone, immunization and date. Give option to sort report by name, date and immunization. 8/16/2006 See attached screen shots for changes 8/23/2006 see attachment for changes also the report options window does not close after running the report and preview and then exiting the preview and closing the print box
invoice summary report sorted by item code.  Add a grand total  at the end of the inv summary report for each sub totalled column also make sure that they have the # of patients 
when billing a product and the product qty is below threshold it asksif you want to add to order list and you say yes I get the attached error
when paying multiple items on the same invoice for insurer other than private it does not pay all the items, it should.
it should not include transaction where the amount is zero it should ignore it
why is the done button greyed out as soon as you click on make file. You should be able to click done and close out of transmit without sending I can understand that once I click the transmit button.
fixed non-msp phns not displaying  problem on posted and unposted reports. Also changed SQL in unposted so that it is the same as the one for the posted report.

Smart4.exe (v4.1.6)
Users Split the user rights for "Add, Edit and Delete" so a user can have add and edit rights but not delete rights.
Billing When hitting F5 from a retail billing it now looks for the previously billed item code, not the retail item code.
Fixed the loading delay in the retail billing window.
Fixed error that occured when billing while daysheet window was closed.
For electronic billings it now warns for missing diagcode.
Fixed extra billing in daysheet for Primary Care billings.
Bill All window is now resizable.
Fixed item code verification and no charge billing in Bill All.
When hitting NEW from a retail billing line it now picks up item code from previous billing, not the retail billing.
Fixed submission codes when billing for derostered patients.
Changed 500 insurer limited to dynamic no limited.
On new and edit invoice, when clinic type="C" it now allows change of payment mode.
Disabled biling to electronic insurers when billing using a staff resource.
Fixed 5 digit zero-fill on itemcodes for electronic insurers.
Fixed tax calculation refresh issue when using a discount on billing.
Fixed refresh issue when adding debit request in transaction history window.
In edit service window, hitting F3 on diagcode and then hitting cancel was causing an error.
Fixed searches in the diagcode window.
every time you edit an invoice from the invoice list and then close the edit inv window the cursor jumps to the invoice above the one you edited should stay on the same invoice.
When rebilling an invoice after changing the discount, the "no changes detected" message was still coming up.
Added columns for diagcode2 and diagcode3 on invoice list.
Fixed bug in retail module where in certain cases it would bill to insclaimno 0000001.
Added validation checks to max, min and order qty fields in retail module.
Office Tools

Added the option to add and open PDF files and to add other document types and associate them with their file type.
Added claim number and referring doctor practitioner number and fax number to the office tools merge fields.
When changing scope to "all" in office tools, when you click on a document it now shows the patient that it belongs to.
Added warning when attempting to add a duplicate file name.
Added check for illegal filename characters in patient name when doing merge doc.
When doing an email merge, when you have two people with same email it does not pick up both patients when populating the template.
Reports Printing labels from recall report is no longer hard coded to only print one page per patient.
Added warning/validation on date fields so people don't enter dates earlier than 1900 by mistake. Certain calculations would cause errors from bad dates.
Fixed bug on referral report, when running by registration date sometimes you would get totals of 9999.
If there was a PMT line with 0 amt in tx history, but last tx line is PMT with $ amt and something in reference (e.g. cheque1234) it was printing that reference in the rejection report.
Rejection report automatically checks for future dates so that it picks up rejections on remittance if running the report before the actual remittance date.
Created new remittance report form (msp_w0001.frx) for wcb paper billings that are paid electronically.
Added option to print active patients only on recall report.
On stock report and reorder report, if more than 2 pages, a "variable not found" error would occur.
On report options windows the "include VCH" option is now disabled if the insurer is not Private.
Added stock number to sales report.
Changed the tax report and invoice printout to look at the amount billed to figure out the tax rate instead of using the rate from the tax table. This could cause problems because of the GST rate change in July.
Fixed refresh on tx edit window.
Fixed multiple diagcode option in query designer.
On the invoice printout where it prints the mail to address it was not printing the billed to address.
Fixed invoice printout to show correct tax amount on discounts.
Fixed receipt rounding problem (eg 109.99 would print on receipt as 110.00)
Scheduler Changed the weekly view printout time to am/pm instead of 24 hour. 
Once an appt is flagged as billed with the $ all the billing related fields are read-only.
Created function to get a patient's last visit date.
Fixed daysheet refresh problem that occured after doing merge patient.
Both for global and recurring appt tables when deleting old appt it now checks for end date less than the date selected to delete old appt and deletes the global or recurring appt with end date equal to or less than the date selected.
Added validation for "available hours" fields and gives warning message if left blank.
Got rid of wait window in the corner that comes up for every slot not available when booking global appt. Now it asks if you want to print the times that were unable to book at the end.
Added the ability to move appts from one daysheet to another daysheet for a selected date range & time.
When changing a timeslot in resource maintenance it was validating start and end times after it had already deleted daysheet file, so could not undo if a mistake was made.
Added validation to bill all window automatically uncheck the incomplete billings and disable check until billing is valid.
Added more checks to timeslots to prevent errors when 2 users are on the same record.
Fixed the "include referring dr in appt" option. Was not working properly in certain cases.
When scheduler was active and you clicked on 'contacts' icon, the daysheet window would close.
Changed the cut and paste procedure. When cutting it stores cut appt in temp table on in local dir until it is pasted.
In resource maintenance, changed the way the "update on ok" option is turned on automatically so it can be turned off as well.
Misc. Fixed the autocaps formatting when using a cardswipe.
Changed the function that prints the contact to not print when the contact is a referring dr contact.
Changed the pop-up message when hitting the EMR button when using with TexTalk.
On export to Outlook an error occurred when a resource other than the resource in the current view was selected.
When exporting to Outlook it now checks if import already exists, and appends if it does.
Now checks if an existing XLS file is already open before opening XLS file. This was causing an error.
Fixed refresh in edit insurance when deleting referring dr number field.
Changed the help menu link for "Guide to updating fees" to link to "updating fee (item) codes" topic in the smart4.chm file.
Hyperlink for WCB check claim was changed in edit insurance window.
Added new validation checks in new/edit invoice window to deal with location code changes.
When in edit patient window, opening problem list, clicking new and then cancel, an error would occur.
When creating new patient insurance and no default account set, it was using bin 00001 even if it was inactive. Now uses first active account.
Private referrals table only allowed for 999 records, changed it to 4 digits.
Changed the HNet button so that if the patient does not have a phn it uses the name, sex and dob to search the patient on HNet, or if there is no account set for the patient it uses the clinic default account. Also added HNet button to the edit patient window.
Created a table to save all the reason codes for registration, de-registration, registration override and de-registration override.
Changed label "Pract ID" to "CPSID" in edit practitioner window.
Recalculate balances was not working properly in certain cases.
Changed rights to allow users without add/modify rights to run clear daysheet layouts.
Changed the debit request so that if the comment field and the note field are both filled out it doesn't send the comment.
Checks patient registration status before sending diagcode2 and diagcode3 fields.
Added a menu item for the send a message button.
Disabled the F3 key on several windows that caused window to lose focus.
Moved the status table to scheduler menu.
Added balance to tax report form.
On take payment window for store items, changed the "include all store items" to "total store balance" for patient, when unchecked shows balance for selected invoice #.
Removed the "more" button on transmit window.
Added the ability to book appointments from the waitlist.
Added more sorting/searching features and added option to export to excel or text file on waitlist.

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